• Conversations – Alphasymbolic
  • Conversations – Alphasymbolic

difficulty with reading fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal or above-average intelligence

Tracy Jones in conversation with Beatrice Lacey.

Two friends of 21 years, separated by 12 and then reunited, documented a summer of conversation. Site specific to the Memorial Art Gallery in Hastings the two artists formed a collaborative residency, both utilising an experimental approach to medium and concept.

In this work I recreate one of the conversations with ‘alphasymbolic‘ a typeface developed to make text easier to read for dyslexics, a condition which both Bea and myself have struggled with. The typeface creates abstract mark making, encoding the conversation in what initially appears to be a new language reading as English on closer observation.

Taking advantage of the abstracted and graphic nature of the text I combined text with image to create a drawing of the conversation.

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