• Conversations – Speak Bubbles

Tracy Jones in conversation with Beatrice Lacey.

Two friends of 21 years, separated by 12 and then reunited, documented a summer of conversation. Site specific to the Memorial Art Gallery in Hastings the two artists formed a collaborative residency, both utilising an experimental approach to medium and concept.

Having accumulated 21 years of memories to share over the residency we selected objects that represented our shared experiences and conversation, placing them in plastic ‘speak bubbles’. These were suspended from the ceiling at head height in the gallery forcing visitors to encounter the objects in conversation, the objects becoming catalysts to new connections to memories.

In some of the bubbles we placed speakers quietly replaying the summer conversations of the artists. Visitors could lean close to the bubbles and eavesdrop the artists conversation, mingling with that of the visitors to the gallery.

Other works from the residency:
Space Dust | Alphasymbolic