• Intermission - In response to WW1 by Tracy Jones
  • Intermission - In response to WW1 by Tracy Jones

‘Intermission’ explores the relationship between analogue and digital, contemplation and presence. It represents a pause in the soldiers day, an opportunity for him to reflect on his situation and connect through the written word to the world he’s left behind. Smoking in 1914 had an important place in working-class culture and continues today, connecting and creating a conversation across time. The cigarettes themselves formed part of a Christmas gift from the Princess Mary to all the troops in 1914. 2.5 million Princess Mary boxes were made.

The treatment of the text alludes to ‘ash’, and is formed from the poems text. By deconstructing the words to single characters encapsulated in plastic, creates a fragmentation of language and memory and alludes to the way we store digital memory as packets of data. Both digital and analogue can be reconstructed by code and retrieval pathways, by ‘remembering’.

Media: Princess Mary cigarettes and their packet from the trenches of 1914, and text glitter

Exhibition: The Send Off – Art & Poetry Respond to WW1

National Trust - Knole in Sevenoaks