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A site specific installation following a residency at Mansion House, Avery Hill Park in Eltham, London.

My first experience of Mansion House was as entering a bewildering maze. An institutional building of corridors, I found the only way to orientate was to note the numeric labels on the doors, and from this to navigate my way around. This overwhelming first impression became the focus for the work.

I photographed the door numbers and from these created an abstract linear map. I hung copies of the map around the building with a pin on the relevant number to indicate where you were within the building. From these I created journeys between doors using string to measure the distance and suggested route maps using either layered images of the doors en-route or a progression of the doors from A to B.

For my final piece I created postcards of all the door numbers and displayed them for sale in a carousel at the reception, mementos from traversing corridors.

Whilst none of the maps could be considered practical they are none the less an interpretation of a familiar and shared experience. The Mansion House maps provide thoughtful ways of experiencing that which we wouldn’t perhaps ordinarily question. They distil a thought process and simply present a playful key to either unlock or invoke disorientation in an unfamiliar environment.