• Mobile phone quadtych and plinth - wish you were here
  • Mobile phone quadtych - wish you were here

my mind focuses behind my eyes to create a comfortable distance, then we smile

Four mobile phone drawings of the beach at Pett Level, East Sussex mounted in light boxes on a wooden weather worn plinth with text.

The work is about returning home, to the beach were my memories began, revisiting the past in the context of the present day, everything and nothing changes.

The poem leads the viewer around the work in circles as does the never ending sky line inherent in the drawings.

The construction reference’s drift wood or a beach hut as well as being a lighthouse of sorts, which along with the mobile phone connection references communication. The drawings themselves are freehand made using a phone circa 2000 and a wand. The original images are of low resolution being approx 1 inch square on the screen.

Media: 4 light boxes, 4 transparencies, wood, and charcoal
Approx 80 x 80 x 180cm

Telling Stories – Hastings – A group exhibition at Hastings Museum, East Sussex curated by Cathryn Kemp.

Telling Stories Hastings - Catalogue